Driving through Flint can be super stressful, but following these 10 commandments will help you ride through the city without causing a fender bender.

From avoiding potholes, to constant construction, there's always something to look out for while driving around the city of Flint. Here's the official 10 Commandments Of Driving In Flint that will help you avoid causing an accident.

I. Thou Shall Keep It On The Bricks While Driving Through Downtown 

I get it, Downtown's bricks need to be replaced BAD. They're terrible. With that being said, don't swerve all over the road to avoid a flat tire. There's so many people trying to walk and cross in Downtown Flint that trying to swerve could mean hitting someone.

II. Thou Shall Stay In The Right Lane If You're Going Slow On Dort Hightway

This drives me insane. Dort isn't a road to go 10 under the speed limit, yet every day drivers want to take their time and drive their vehicle that shouldn't even be on the road under the speed limit. If you're going to go 10 under, stay in the right lane so everyone can pass you.

III. Thou Shalt Not Blast Their Horn While Getting Off Of The Miller Road Exit 

Possibly the worst exit in all of Michigan, the Miller Road exit is a disaster. That being said, it doesn't mean you can blast your horn at others trying to merge into lanes and turn onto Miller from I75.

IV. Thou Shall Let Others Merge Over While Traveling Through Downtown Flint 

Speaking of merging, let others get in front of you while driving through Downtown Flint. I get it, its frustrating when people wait to the last second to merge over, but being stubborn and making them wait for a mistake just makes traffic worse.

V. Thou Shall Always Use A Turn Signal 

It doesn't matter if you're on I475, 75, or any road in Flint, use your turn signal. Always. No excuses. Need a new bulb? Get one. Need turn signal fluid? I have some you can borrow.

VI. Thou Shall Learn The Ways Of The Bristol Road Roundabout 

Its new, its fun, and its so frustrating to see people not follow the rules of a roundabout. Its simple...Stay. In. Your. Lane. Don't cut over, don't wait till the last second to pull out, and always follow typical traffic guidelines. Pro Tip: Looking at the wheels of the car coming towards you can give you a good idea if the car is turning left or right on the roundabout.

VII. Thou Shall Do Everything They Can To Avoid Roads That Have Potholes In Flint 

Potholes and Flint go together like PB&J. Avoiding them is hard, but it can be done. Take mental notes of the roads in Flint that are pothole filled, and find alternate routes. Its not going to be fixed any time soon, and swerving to avoid hitting them can cause accidents.

VIII. Thou Shall Thank Drivers Who Are Courteous

When someone lets you cut in front of them, thank them. A simple wave of the hand shows that you appreciate the nice jester. Nothing makes me more mad than letting someone pull out in front of me and I can't even get a thank you wave back. I stopped for you, say thank you.

IX. Thou Shalt Stop Texting And Driving

Flint drivers are the WORST when it comes to distracted driving. We have enough to avoid hitting while driving around the city, looking at your phone to text, call, or play candy crush doesn't help traffic flow more smoothly. With the amount of people that run across Dort every day without looking, its only a matter of time before you hit someone because you were texting your ex.

X. Thou Shall Stay In The 'Exit Only' Lane On I-475 Road At The Downtown Exit 

Waiting till the last second to cut over because you can't follow simple instructions only causes frustration and accidents. One prime example is the Downtown exit on I475. When you see that it is an exit only sign, merge over. Don't wait, just do it.


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