I really enjoy the social media platform of Instagram and every week I try and find the best images from our hash tag #Flintstagram.  Check out the five images I thought were great and funny. 

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    I'm not sure if this image was digitally enhanced but you can't front, it's dope.  The text on the sign downtown of 'The World Is Yours' is a Scarface movie scene in Flint.  Only if you're a fan of the movie will you enjoy this one.  Good one BallBoiScoot.

    BALLBOISCOOT / Instagram

    So many people took to social media recent talking about Dawn Donuts was closing down on Pasadena and Clio Rd due to it being knocked down.  It has been reported that the store is reopening with a Subway attached.  I am glad that Dawn Donuts is not leaving us for good because who can resist donuts from Dawn's.

    Dariagoo / Instagram

    The image speaks for itself.  We have to keep images like this in front of people to remind them.  Violence never solves the problem in Flint, Michigan.

    Ashnoelle87 / Instagram

    Instagram was really started for the photographer community but spread quickly to us all.  Pauli Konen using his account to capture photographer quality images.  I strongly suggest you check him out.

    PauliKonen / Instagram
  • Young_Checo

    I don't think I need to really say much about this image.  This is too funny to anyone with a sense of humor.  Why is he rocking dukes?

    Young_Checo / Instagram