Big money is coming down the pipeline! In a covid relief bill, Michigan could see over $10 Billion dollars in funds that would help struggling businesses and families.

The city of Flint could be receiving close to $100 million from that bill to help rebalance out our economy. $100 million is a ton of money without a doubt, but the real question is how the funds will be distributed. 

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If the COVID-19 relief bill passes as is, Michigan will be getting a total of $10.39 million.

Here is how the money will be distributed:

  • State Government: $5.6 Billion
  • Metro Cities: $1.7 Billion
  • Non Counties: $1.9 Billion
  • State Capitol Projects $250 Million.

These are only estimates because the COVID-19 relief bill has not been approved yet by the House, and would still need to be signed by President Biden.

These relief bills could be the answer to getting us back on track, but I don't think we know the full extent of damage to our economy brought on by this pandemic. How do we get people back to work? How much do we give small businesses? Can they afford to hire more staff and keep them for X amount of years? I don't have the answers to these questions, but I hope this bill gets the ball rolling.

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