Mayor Sheldon Neeley

Flint Police Testing Out New Body Cameras
The Flint Police Department just got approval for some new toys that should help clear up any controversy when it comes to making arrests.
You see body cams on cops all the time online from trending videos. So the question is then, why did it take so long for us to get our hands on some...
Flint’s Juneteenth Festival Parade Will Be Huge This Year!
Flint is showing out this year after Juneteenth was made an official holiday and now the city has plans to throw a huge parade along with an event-packed weekend to celebrate!
Juneteenth will consist of a three-day weekend and each day will have its own spin and tons of activities with food vendors a…
Flint Is Cracking Down On Illegal Street Racing
Flint's Mayor Sheldon Neeley has proposed some new revisions to the city's ordinances that will be focused on cracking down on illegal drag racing by taking your car.
There's a time and place for you to have fun with a powerful vehicle, but racing on backstreets and in local neighborho…
Mayor Neeley Commits $2 Million To Combat Blight In Flint
Flint's Mayor Sheldon Neeley has committed $2 million dollars from the $99 million American Rescue Plan to help combat blight in the city Flint.
Blight has been an issue in the city as far back as I can remember. With this new stimulus money hopefully, we can kickstart a new movement for the cit…
The City Of Flint Could Receive $100 Million In COVID-19 Relief
Big money is coming down the pipeline! In a covid relief bill, Michigan could see over $10 Billion dollars in funds that would help struggling businesses and families.
The city of Flint could be receiving close to $100 million from that bill to help rebalance out our economy...

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