The Flint Children's Museum has announced that they will be opening their doors for the first time in more than a year.

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, every business felt the impact almost immediately. Some of the hardest hit businesses were museums, art galleries, and other indoor public spaces. The Flint Children's Museum faced all of the health and safety issues that any museum would, but they had the added challenge of their clientele being made up of kids.

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Some museums and galleries had the luxury of opening back up to the public because it's easier to explain to an adult that they must wear a mask and social distance.

The Flint Children's Museum would have had the impossible task of trying to explain and enforce those rules to kids who are having the time of their life! That's why the museum officials decided to close the doors until restrictions were lifted. That did not mean that the museum stopped working for kids. They started putting together virtual lessons so kids could still experience the museum from home.

You can check out all of the virtual lessons here.

I have to salute everyone at the museum. It would have been easy to just shut the doors and just wait until everything cleared up. They showed their true commitment to providing fun learning opportunities by doing the video programs. They are well put together and most of them involve projects using things that kids can find at home.

When can we go back inside the Flint Children's Museum?

The Flint Children's Museum announced that they would officially be reopening on June 1st. That is great news for kids that will be wrapping up their school year soon. The museum is more than just a fun place for kids to play. It is a real life learning opportunity for families and kids.

What if I had an annual membership to the Flint Children's Museum?

The museum posted online that they would be honoring any membership that was purchased or expired during the pandemic shutdown. If you have membership questions, they are asking you to email them at

I've always been a huge fan and supporter of the Flint Children's Museum. All of my kids know the place inside and out because of how much time we've spent there over the years. It is truly one of the hidden gems in Flint, and I am thrilled that they are able to open back up. My kids are getting a little old for the museum now, but you can bet we'll be there to show support . . . and maybe play a little bit too.


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