Coronavirus, Masks, and Karen's have dominated 2020 so far. The Karen Mask Off remix pretty much wraps them all together perfectly.

Eric D'Alessandro basically torches all of the worlds Karen's and mask haters all at once with the Mask Off remix. Eric is a comedian musician, and is the man behind the Mask Off remix. He manages to take everything that has been running through my mind, and fit it perfectly into Mask Off.

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I don't think I'm the only one who thought that way, based on the views that the video has been racking up.

He drops gems like,

Look at all these sheep believing the CDC, they should get their facts like me from a biased Facebook feed. Full of propaganda memes shared by my good friend Terry, who has credibility from her recent palm reading.

As usual the comedy doesn't just stop with the video. The comments on the video are always full of hilarious nuggets.


The Mask Off remix is responsible for Eric gaining a lot of new fans, but he's been making hilariously accurate videos for a while now. Check out his channel, unless you are a conspiracy theorists that believes masks are a form of oppression. Actually maybe you should go check out his channel, you might learn something.


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