It feels like mother nature knows that quarantine time in Michigan is almost over, and she's rewarding us with 80 degree temperatures.

I've been saying this since the Stay Home order was put in place, but it's just easier to deal being in quarantine when it's nice out. As a parent it makes it easier to get kids off of screens and outside to play. It even makes the drive to work for essential workers better when you can have the windows down and the radio up.

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Luckily we will all get to spend the last week and change in quarantine enjoying the start of a Michigan summer. Check out the temperature forecast for next week.


The problem with great weather means that we in Michigan want to get out and do our normal summer time things. Even with quarantine coming to an end, we all still need to make sure we are working on staying safe and social distancing.

If you would like a little more detailed explanation of the temperature flip that we are about to have, check out the info from Mark Torregrossa.

I am more than excited for the warm weather, even if we can't spend Memorial Day partying together like we normally would be doing.

I think that with the nice weather combined with the restrictions on gathering, it means a lot of us will be doing yard work. I'm not thrilled about it either so I think instead of trying to riot and storm the capitol building, we all just decide that it would be better to buy a hammock and take a nap in the back yard  . .. deal?


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