It looks like Hollywood has done it again.

Hollywood has taken a movie that has a surprising cult following and will attempt to reboot and possibly make a hundred more sequels.This next reboot will consist of a very underrated film that was surprisingly pretty solid.

I'm talking about the reincarnation of "The Leprechaun", which is said to be "totally different than the originals".

This story is about a young couple who are traveling and stumble across a very small town, in which the townspeople let the young couple stay in a cabin for the night.

But the only thing about this cabin is someone else lives in it and he has a "little" bit of an anger problem.

I think this could work for two reasons: it is produced by WWE Studios which did a tremendous job with their last horror movie "Oculus".

Also the success of the last Chucky movie (The Curse of Chucky) was also straight to DVD (Which WWE Studios are planning to do with the new Leprechaun film) and this gives me high hopes.

Check out the trailer which features WWE superstar Hornswoggle.