Brandon Jennings pulled an amazing buzzer beater against the Spurs to keep the Pistons unlikely win streak going at six games.

Things looked pretty hopeless for the Pistons at the end of the game against the Spurs.  Trailing by one point, with the Spurs in-bounding the ball in their own end of the court.

The Pistons managed to steal the pass and Brandon Jennings went the length of the court, to score and win the game.  Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe each had a double-double in the game.

I don't want to jinx the Pistons or anything, but I am amazed that they have a 6 game win streak going on right now.  The streak started right after Josh Smith was released by the team, which tells us a lot about Smith's actual contribution to the Pistons.

This tweet from Sportscenter pretty much sums it up.

Detroit has another tough game tonight against the Mavs, who killed them a month ago when they visited the Palace.

Do you think the Pistons are going to keep playing this well, and maybe make the playoffs?