The Dayton Family is an iconic name in Flint Hip Hop and their story is being told in Flint this Friday.

We were lucky enough to have Ira Dorsey and Bootleg in the studio for the 8-1-Show last weekend. They talked a little bit about the event, and confirmed that they would be there fielding questions from the crowd. The Facebook event page has this to say about the event.

This sit down and intimate discussion with the Dayton Family will not only pay homage to the legendary group but also allow them to share how they managed to rise to fame during a era when there wasn't any internet or social media.

The event starts at 5pm and is free, but a donation to the Dayton Family water drive is appreciated.

Dorsey and Bootleg are putting together a bottled water drive to help their city. The Dayton Family Water Fund is hoping to get $5,000 to purchase bottled water for Flint residents.