The highly anticipated list of my top 5 artists from the city I call home, Flint.

I would like to say straight off the back is that this is my personal list of favorite MC's in the city of Flint. I grew up in Flint and I've been with Club937 for over a decade now and these artists resonate with me the most. I've met a ton of artists and listened to a ton of music, but I usually feel like I'm always running into new people. Now this list doesn't mean that there aren't more artists to look at. Heck no! If anything this is really a way for us to open up some dialogue about how these artists make us feel. And what they mean to you. So after reading my list, drop your own Top 5 in the comment section below and tell me why you choose those MC's. Without further ado, here are B-Ray's Top 5 Flint Rappers.


The Dayton Family

Koch Records
Koch Records

You got me f#$ked up if you think I'm about to write an article about Flint's Top Rappers and not include the Dayton Family. Ever since I was a pup these dudes have been putting on for the city. They were literally the first group to make me proud to be from Flint. Especially when my older brothers put me onto "Smoke for Free", "What's On My Mind, Pt. 2 " and of course our city anthem "Flint Town" I was hooked!   Bootleg, Back Stabba, & Shoestring are Flint's Hip-Hop royalty and should be treated as such. Which is why they were the first thing that came to mind when I put this list together.


Jon Connor 

All Varsity Music
All Varsity Music

I know this pick might be a bit controversial for some people. You’re probably thinking, Jon Connor hasn't put out in music in so long!" and you'd be right. But, that doesn't mean his name doesn't carry weight. I've watched from the sidelines and personally saw Connor leap into the star that he is today. Back when I was first interning with Club937 I would see Jon Connor's name everywhere.

Then he went to Aftermath, and things are still wrapped up in mystery to what happened there. "Vehicle City" was one of the most highly anticipated albums in a very long time, and due to legal reasons, only a select few have heard it. I don't know if the album will ever get released, but I do know one album alone doesn't make you great. I feel like if Connor were to drop an album right now it would still split concrete and shake buildings. Dr. Dre knew Connor was special, but due to things that I don't know about it feels like he was put off to the side. Maybe one day he'll be able to tell us, but until then he still managed to land that Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 commercial which has over 13 million hits on YouTube. And let's not forget his recent "I'M BACK" track which to this day is still some of the hardest sh$t to come outta Flint.

Lyric Da Queen

Lyric Da Queen/Facebook
Lyric Da Queen/Facebook

One of the most active Flint rappers around you'll often see Lyric Da Queen's name pop up on the national stage. A feat that most artists have yet to achieve. From recently being featured on Sirius XM Radio's SHADE 45 "Sway In The Morning" to carrying the city on her back on the huge platform known as "X Factor" back in 2012. Lyric has already done enough in Flint to be considered a legend.  Let's also not forget she made the intro song for Ricky Burns night show right here on Club937. Another rare feat that most artists have yet to achieve.

Jeff Skigh

Jeff Skigh/Facebook
Jeff Skigh/Facebook

To opening for Wale at the iconic Capitol Theatre for BeatsXBeers (Shout out to Brandon Corder) to being caught performing all around Flint Jeff's sound has grown to become one of my favorites around. I was torn on this list, but when I looked in my playlist I realized I had saved a ton of his music without realizing it. It's probably because the music is perfect for that chill environment, complemented by his deep tone and lyrical flare Jeff is without a doubt of my favorites. I remember making the whole city mad at me a while back, and during that chaos, Jeff was one of the artists that challenged me to listen to his music. After listening to "Good Vibes" one time I was hooked. You gotta understand, for me, I have a hard time separating artist sometimes. They all tend to sound the same. Club this, shoot him up that, blah blah blah. And don't get me wrong, I love those tracks as well! But you'll never hear a Jeff Skigh track and get him confused with someone else. He's genuinely unique and in my opinion underrated.



Holysh*t where do I start!? Kydd A.k.a Josh McKay without a doubt made the biggest online impact last year off remix's he did off his porch! His Gucci Gang remix has 4.3 million views by itself! With over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube and not to mention he's been featured on WorldStar a few times for his lyrical mastery, you'd be crazy to not acknowledge him as the next great thing to come outta Flint.  Even with all the online buzz I still feel like the city is sleeping on KYDD. But I’m sure after people look at my list they'll say the same thing about other artists as well. I mean the guy has 4.9 million views off a Travis Scott remix... ON HIS PORCH! If I was a rapper in Flint I'd look to do a track KYDD, just be careful though. KYDD might outshine you on your own track.


Did you like my list? Did you hate it? Drop your top 5 in the comment section below and stay tuned for my next list. Top Rising Stars In Flint...


With an article like this it's hard to fit all of Flint's talent into a top 5. But these are a few who have the potential to move into my top 5 real soon.

  • Mama Sol
  • Flint's Finest "The Third"
  • Sway Montoya
  • Ace Gabbana
  • Velly Beretta
  • Mark Ant
  • Vice Carter
  • Greg Joslin
  • Cam Howe
  • JackMan Raps
  • Top Authority
  • 40 Abioye
  • DJ Insain
  • 12 Dead Roses 
  • Gun Hood Zeke
  • G-S Tha DreaM
  • This Life, We Lead
  • Pasha
  • Tiera Santoya
  • Joey Cough
  • S.O.P
  • Gemini The O.G 
  • Curt Green
  • Detwan Love
  • Corelone Gutta
  • Corey Davis

And a few more I'm sure I forgot. It's a lot of great talent in this city, I hope this article shakes things up and motivates these artists to create...

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