Dayton Family's own Shoestring has dropped his new single 'Do It Like This' off his upcoming album 'Bake Up Boy.'

If you recall my Flint's Top 5 Best Rappers article then you already know I get excited over anything related to Dayton Family. Now Shoestring is set to launch his solo album 'Bake Up Boy.' I've already had a chance to preview the album and it gave me that much needed Flint sound that I've been hungry for.


A little too often in Flint, I feel like our local artists tend to make music that sounds like it comes from Detroit. I don't have a problem with that at all. Whatever sounds good -- make it. But for me, I've been craving something genuinely Flint. Keep your ear to the radio because we've got Shoestring coming in on the 81Show to debut the new album!. I'm so excited!

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