Michigan is home to some of the best food and beverages in the country, and being a true Michigander means that you've tried all seven of these Michigan staples.

Michigan isn't just the state known for its amazing lakes and trails, but also for having some of the best food in the country. Here's 7 Michigan made foods and drinks that if you haven't tried yet, you're really not a Michigander.

7. Faygo! 

You don't have to be a crazy juggalo to enjoy one of the many flavors of Faygo. Sure, some creepy clowns turned it into their drink of choice, but that doesn't mean you have to go all crazy and put paint on your face just to love drinking a Rock N' Rye or Moon Mist!

6. Better Made Potato Chips

Do I really need to explain this one? Its a Michigan icon! If you don't have at least one bag of Better Made Original Potato Chips in your pantry are you really considered a Michigander?

5. An Original Detroit or Flint Coney Dog 

This is a no brainier. Coney Dogs are a Michigan tradition, the hardest part is choosing a Detroit Coney or a Flint Coney Dog (yes, there is a big difference). Oh and just to be clear Capitol Coney Island on VanSlyke in Flint has the best coney dogs in the entire state. No debate.

4. Murdick's Fudge From Mackinaw Island 

Fudge doesn't get any better than this. Its considered gold in Mackinaw, seriously. People drive hundreds of miles just to get this special fudge made right on Mackinaw Island. If you haven't tried Murdick's fudge, you are really missing out.

3. Anything Cherry From Traverse City

This is another no brainier. If you're craving cherries, you go to Traverse City. Everything from cherry pancakes, to cherry beer, to even cherry trail mix, you can't miss out some of the best treats at Cherry Fest. Sure, the traffic is insane and during Cherry Festival its madness in Downtown TC, but nothing and I mean nothing is more satisfying than a cherry pie from Traverse City.

2. Michigan Made Craft Beer

Like I posted yesterday, there are so many great breweries right here in Michigan with something for everyone. From Bell's signature Oberon, to Short's Soft Parade, to even the nutty delight Deez Nuts from Beard's Brewery, there are so many great choices when it comes to 100% Michigan Made brews.

1. Vernors Cures Everything

If you don't have a 2 liter of this amazing and doctor recommended beverage in your fridge please kindly throw your 'Made In Michigan' card out the window. Millions of Michiganders have cured so many illnesses and stomach bugs thanks to the original ginger soda, Vernors.




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