Three New Jersey officers were fired upon by a man brought in for domestic violence early this Friday. The suspect was somehow able to get his hands on a weapon and fired upon police. He was shot dead in the firefight and three officers were injured. 



Three New Jersey police officers were shot early on Friday at their police station, and one was in surgery for his wounds, a hospital official said.The suspected gunman, who had been brought to the Gloucester Township Police station for a domestic incident, was killed in the exchange of gunfire, local TV reported, citing police officials. Gloucester is in central New Jersey about 16 miles outside of Philadelphia."A violent struggle occurred while the suspect was being processed," Gloucester Deputy Police Chief David Harkins said, according to Philadelphia TV station NBC10. The man was able to grab a gun and then opened fire.The gunman was killed by police during the confrontation, Gloucester Police Chief W. Harry Earle said, according to the NBC10 report.


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