Tinie Tempah‘s performed his new single ‘Pass Out’ tonight on ‘X Factor,’ and if the rapper went backstage and passed the hell out after his performance, we would not be shocked, because he was a ball of energy throughout the entire song.

Tempah’s single ‘Written in the Stars’ was all over the TBS Network this fall, as it was used by Major League Baseball during their playoffs. So it was a little surprising that the British rap superstar didn’t perform that song, but everybody still seemed to have fun.

Dressed in all black, Tempah was bouncing around the stage like he was jumping on a trampoline. Did he down, perhaps, six cans of Red Bull before he hit the stage? It sure felt like it. There was no containing him.

The only thing we didn’t love about Tinie Tempah’s firecracker performance was the fact that it was a bit hard to discern his lyrics, thanks to his thick British accent and the less-than-stellar sound coming from the TV. Other than that, he delivered a performance that should make him even more fans in the U.S. and beyond.

Watch Tinie Tempah Perform ‘Pass Out’ on ‘X Factor’