Tom Izzo made a guest appearance on Judge Greg Mathis, and the look on his face shows that he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Normally Tom Izzo is red faced and screaming at the ref on the Michigan State sideline. That's why it's so hilarious to see his permagrin when Judge Greg Mathis talks to the Ohio State fan directly in front of him.


Izzo being on the show isn't as random as it looks though.

Judge Mathis takes a little time in the video to talk about how much he admires Izzo, and even points out the graduation track record that Izzo has.

The kicker is when he reveals that his own daughter was a student assistant under Izzo. So that pretty much answers all of the, "How did this happen?" questions.

The only big question that remains is if Izzo is obligated to get Mathis courtside seats, since Mathis obviously did the same for Izzo.

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