A Midland County man hit it big when he realized that he had a winning ticket from Michigan's Powerball that netted him a quick $100,000!

Michigan has been a hot spot since the beginning of 2021, it feels like there's a big winner every month! I might need to get out and play more. 

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Troy Moulton, of Sanford, matched the four white balls and the Powerball – 20-31-38-40-49 PB: 21 – in the Sept. 11 drawing to win a $50,000 prize.


Thanks to the Powerplay, the prize was multiplied to $100,000.


He bought his winning ticket at Ellis Party Store, located at 278 West Saginaw Road in Midland. Source:NBC25.com

A couple of years ago that would've been life-changing money. Nowadays, a brand new truck could eat up $100K like it's nothing! Either way, I'm glad Michigan is still hot, and seems to me that we've got a bit of a lucky streak going. If you happen to play and win, just invest in yourself carefully. The internet is filled with stories of how winning the lottery ruined people's lives. Money has a way of changing people and bringing out their inner demons.

I actually saw a lot of that via unemployment believe it or not. And you won't believe what people waste their money on. But as the old saying goes, " A fool and his money will soon part".


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