Nothing makes a hot summer day better than ice cream, so here's the top 5 places in Flint to enjoy some!

Finding good ice cream spots isn't easy. Not enough sprinkles, small servings, and the entire thing melting before you even get it to the car can ruin your day. According to Yelp here are 5 spots in Flint that you enjoy to sweet goodness of a good ice cream on a hot summer day.

5. Hav A Bar  - 3207 S Grand Traverse St Flint, MI 

4. Pick N Lick Ice Cream - 1204 E Maple Ave  

3. Flint Trolley Ice Cream & Cafe - 400 S Saginaw St 

2. Over the Moon Ice Cream Saloon - 5158 Lennon Rd 

1. Banana Boat Ice Cream - 3826 Davison Rd 

Now of course this is all based off of  Yelp reviews, and your personal favorite might not be on the list, but a simple Yelp review can change that! Go to Yelp and add your favorite ice cream joint to the list!

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