President Trump took another shot at Michigan Thursday, calling Detroit one of the most corrupt places anywhere.

The comment came during a speech that Trump gave Thursday to talk about the pending results of the election. If you decide to torture yourself by watching the entire thing, make sure you have a bucket to collect all of the false statements he makes. Trump spends time backing conspiracy theories that have been proven untrue, and telling flat out lies about election results.

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I'll save you the pain of having to watch the entire thing above, and you can see what Trump had to say about Detroit in the video below.

Detroit and Philly were the two cities that Trump labeled as the most corrupt anywhere. Coincidentally, they are both cities that voted heavily Biden, and in Michigan's case, helped flip the state to Biden. Pennsylvania is still not called yet, but as more of the absentee ballots are counted, Biden inches closer to overtaking Trump's lead.

This is not the first time that Trump has attacked Detroit and Michigan. He has had a long standing beef with Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and we're almost used to his baseless insults.

I am definitely feeling the election fatigue that most of the country is under right now, but this is getting out of hand. Trump tried to file a lawsuit in Michigan about poll watchers, but had that thrown out by a judge in Michigan. Now without the legal support he was hoping to have, he has resorted to supporting far fetched conspiracy theories.

I just hope January gets here soon, and we can put this past four years of lies, hate, and insanity behind us. Then we can work on repairing the divisions caused, and fixing the massive civil injustice problem that has been exposed.


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