I have no words for what a buffoon Donald Trump is, and his recent comments about Ghislaine Maxwell only solidify that.

Trump was giving a briefing on Tuesday when he was asked about Ghislaine Maxwell by a reporter. He admitted that he had not been following the case, but that he, "just wishes her well, frankly." He went on to say that he has met her numerous times over the years.

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Let's unpack this for a minute.

I want to start with who Ghislaine Maxwell is, and what she is accused of. She is the very good friend of the late Jeffery Epstein. She is the alleged enabler of Epstein, and is being charged with helping him build his child sex trafficking operation. Epstein died while in prison awaiting trial, and now Maxwell is ready to bring down as many people as she can. My guess is that she is hoping to receive a reduced sentence for her crime.

This is the person that Trump has decided to "Wish Well."

I am tempted to just unload how frustrated I am with what a terrible person Trump is, but Twitter has done such a good job of it. So instead of reading my rant, let's look at some of the best Twitter reactions.

Obviously there are pages and pages of people outraged by Trump's comments, but some have started to develop theories as to why he is wishing Maxwell well.

I know there are adamant Trump supporters reading this, and I have to ask you something . . . Why? Why are you still standing behind this person. What is it actually going to take to get you to change your mind?

You may never change your mind, but you need to at least acknowledge the problems here.


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