Fans have an opportunity to own Tupac Shakur's I.D. card from his days behind bars.

According to a report TMZ published today (June 25), 'Pac's first identification card issued at Clinton Correctional Facility in New York is going up for auction thanks to the memorabilia company, Heritage Auctions. The bidding for the vintage I.D. card will start at $2,000.

The I.D. card was made back in 1995 when Tupac was sentenced to time behind bars after he was convicted on sexual abuse charges. Although he started his sentence on Feb. 14, 1995, 'Pac received the prison I.D. two weeks later and signed it himself. At the time, the Death Row Records rapper was required to carry the laminated I.D. at all times.

The items Shakur left behind after he was shot and killed in 1996 have done well in auctions over the past few months. Back in January, an explicit drawing 'Pac made while serving time in the same prison sold for at least $21,000. 10 potential buyers put in bids for the drawing, but in the end, the NSFW piece of art was sold to a wealthy man in his 60s for a grand total of $21,155.75.

If his past trinkets are selling like hotcakes, then the late rapper's unreleased music could sell for more. Since the beginning of 2019, both Suge Knight and his son Suge Knight, Jr, claim that unreleased music from 'Pac still exists and may drop very soon.

The bidding for Shakur's I.D. card begins July 1.

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