The Genesee County Prosecutors office ordered two Anytime Fitness locations in Grand Blanc to close last week.

This normally would not be much of a big deal considering that gyms were never supposed to be open in our area under the Governor's executive order. The thing that makes this controversial, is that the gyms had been open for more than 60 days with no Covid cases at all before being told to close.

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The Covid information is coming from the gym, so there is no official confirmation of that, but they did address it in a Facebook post on Friday.

The majority of the comments on the post are supporting the gym being opened, and bashing the order from Governor Whitmer. The two Anytime locations that were told to close are at 10293 S. Saginaw Road and 2241 E. Hill Road.

I know quite a few gyms that have tried to conduct socially distant classes outside during the forced closures, but Anytime decided to roll the dice, and open. So what does it mean that they were open for so long, with so many customers, and no Covid cases?

While I do back the official order from Governor Whitmer, I have always felt like gyms are in the wrong risk category. It's not very often that you are within 6 feet of most others at the gym, and most gym goers are obsessive about wiping down equipment before and after they use it.

I would think that with a little more caution, and cleaning requirements, gyms could be as safe of a place as you could go.

We'll see how this plays out, but the gyms are closing for now with a promise to reopen soon.


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