Two teens from Grand Blanc were airlifted to safety after a fall at Grand Teton National Park.

Back on July 11th, two 19-year-old women from Grand Blanc were hiking at Grand Teton National Park. Samantha Edgcombe and Mackenzie Finton were hiking from a place called Cascade Canyon to Paintbrush Canyon. During the hike, Edgcombe and Finton slipped on some snow and fell about 500 feet, hitting large rocks along the way. It was around 7:30 pm when dispatchers at Teton Interagency Dispatch received the emergency call about the incident. Another hiker in the area saw the fall and was able to call in for help and provide GPS assistance.

After the call, a rescue team was on the way. With help from the Teton Interagency helicopter, two rangers were dispatched to help the hikers. When found, each hiker was short-hauled with a ranger to Lupine Meadows Trailhead. From there the two hikers were transported to the hospital via ambulance.

For those that don't know, short-haul is a technique used for rescuing someone. Rescue personnel and victims are suspended from 150 to 200 feet of rope from a helicopter and transported to safety. This technique allows rescuers to get into tough areas to give aid to injured hikers or those in need.

Currently, the conditions of the hikers are unknown. They were transported to St. John’s Health Care in Jackson, Wyoming. Thankfully that other hiker spotted what was happening and was able to call it in, otherwise, these two hikers could have been in a worse situation.


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