The tension between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans is growing more and more everyday. Friends turned enemies. Rashad feels like ever since Jones has gotten the title he's changed. But Jones feels like since he's had the title Rashad has been bitter. Whatever the case this is going to be an absolute war.

Jon Jones has walked through every opponent he's faced in the octagon. And after the devastating display and technique he showed against Lyoto Machida people are wondering can he be stopped?

Now I've been a fan of Jon Jones since he fought Stephan Bonner. With the over the top moves and great take down technique he showed how can you not like this kid? Now the only thing I'm worried about in this upcoming fight with Rashad is that they were once training partners.

From what I've heard Rashad would occasionally put a whippin to Jones. But this is the real thing now and the question is, will it happen again?