A UK robber decided to stick up a gas station wearing a plastic bad over his face.  Let us all at once crown him as the idiot of the day.  Anytime you decide to rob somebody or a store, you usually try to conceal your identity. 

Jamie Niel from the United Kingdom was high on drugs and intoxicated with alcohol when he was ready to rob a gas station.  Niel wasn't alone on this stupid adventure, he had a friend, Garth Tilley, who used a scarf to hide his identity.

Tilley used his cell phone as his would-be gun that rung while sticking up the cashier.  The brave cashier sounded the alarm on the idiot robbers from the UK. Knowing they had the weakest attempt to rob a store, they assaulted the cashier and stole beer and ran out.

The plastic bag robber was stopped by an off duty police officer and later arrested.  Niel and Tilley both received two years in prison for their actions.

Do you think the judge should have added more time their sentencing for their poor excuse of disguises?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

via HP