A dust plume from the Sahara is so big that it will cause some unique sunrise and sunsets in Michigan this weekend.

It almost sounds a little scary, that a dust plume can affect us all the way across the globe, but it's not that rare. What is rare is the size of the dust cloud that is headed our way right now. The dust eventually gets swept up into the atmosphere and then travels with the wind.

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Meteorologists constantly track the dust plumes every year to monitor air quality. The one headed our way is over the Gulf of Mexico right now, and will be moving north over the next couple of days. The plume should be right over Michigan on Saturday and Sunday according to the video above.

That means this weekend and early next week, we could see some very cool sunsets and sunrises.  This happens quite often in the south east, and a meteorologist from Florida does a great job of explaining exactly what happens in the video below.

So basically, thanks to science we will get to see some pretty cool things this weekend, got it?

Michigan is already full of so many natural wonders, but I think it will be worth it this weekend to find somewhere to check this out. Find a wide open area, where you'll be able to see a huge, unobstructed view of the sunrise or sunset, and take it all in.


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