I'm really trying to be politically correct and not sound like I'm anti-police, but it's hard to support this police officer and be "pro police" when videos like this show how some officers use their position to assault civilians.

A student from the University Of Alabama was assaulted by a police officer after a noise complaint call. I say "assault" because form what I see watching this video that is exactly what is happening. The officer is seen in the video grabbing at the student, pulling out his baton, attempting to drag the student out of his apartment, and then once other officers arrive tasing and beating the student. Now before I go any further I am not anti-police or anti-authority, but this is wrong. In the video you hear the student asking what he is being arrested for, and the officer responded with harassment. I don't see any harassment in this video other than the student defending himself. Now some people may say "He should of listen to the cop and then he wouldn't of been tased and beaten" but lets be serious here, a noise complaint and asking why this officer was tugging on his shirt is no reason for this police officer to beat him. The City of Tascaloosa PD have forwarded the video to internal affairs investigators and a full investigation is being conducted.