A Texas teacher completely lost it and knocked out a student after several punches and hasn't been arrested yet.  This is will upset you and want to seek justice.

Reginald Wells, age 12, was punched in the face by his teacher for cracking a joke.  The teacher initially punched Wells in the shoulder but after the 12 year middle school student pushed teacher, things went from bad to worse.

Reginald was then punched so hard in the face that was knocked out and on the ground.  Witness statements line up with the students account of what happened and the teacher was fired on the spot.  Reginald's mother investigated the incident with the principal but can't seem to wonder why the police wasn't called in to arrest the teacher.

Currently, Reginald's mother is seeking to press charges against the rage punching teacher.  I would imagine a lawsuit being in the works as well.  It seems like the most dangerous place for kids has become their school.  We pray against school violence but never from a teacher.  The job of a teacher can be stressful but never to the point of punching a kid.