It seems that the police are doing a lot of beatings and shoots lately. I'm not comfortable with this and I don't think you would be either. Check out the story and video. The video is graphic in nature. Please watch with discretion.

I hope something good comes from the investigation.  From watching the video it does seem as if the student needed 5 police officers to hold him down and attack him.  I don't know what happen before the cameras started to record but who knows.  I just don't like that the people who are suppose to protect us end up attacking us.  I don't think all police officers are bad but there are some out there.

A video posted on YouTube shows a New Brunswick police officer punching a Rutgers University student before his arrest early Saturday after a street fight involving a large group near Rutgers' College Avenue Campus.

A second student also was arrested.

Someone filming from above the street captured the arrest of one of the students in a video that shows a New Brunswick police officer punching the man. The video has been posted on YouTube under the title "Rutgers Student Brutally Beaten by NBPD."

The Police Department has launched an investigation to see if the officer was in the wrong

via Five Police Officers Beat Down Rutgers Student (PHOTO x VIDEO) | Global Grind.