University of Michigan students that want to live on campus next year will need to be fully vaccinated.

University of Michigan officials made the announcement on Friday that any students living on campus in the upcoming Fall term would need to be fully vaccinated. The announcement has been met with mixed reactions from both parents and students. Some feel a sense of relief knowing that the other students they come in contact with will be vaccinated. Others are angry that the school is dictating that students without the vaccine will not be allowed to live on campus.

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In a press release U of M Dean of the School of Public Health, F. DuBois Bowman, talked about how important it was to make sure all residents were vaccinated.

Congregate living settings, like residence halls, are at high risk for spread of illness, especially with B.1.1.7 and other variants that spread more easily. Vaccination is a key prevention tool to be used in this space, and beyond, to reduce the spread of COVID-19

The requirement to be fully vaccinated will not only help to stop the spread among students in the dorms, it will also help to keep learning interruptions to a minimum.

Right now, anytime a student is listed as a close contact to someone that has tested positive for Covid, they must quarantine for two weeks. This causes all sorts of problems for that student as they try to transition into remote learning. With the vaccination requirement, U of M students who are fully vaccinated will only have to quarantine if they start to show symptoms.

U of M officials are asking that all students show proof of vaccination by July 15th. That is also the date to provide any medical exemption to getting the vaccine that a student may have. You can get all of the information about the new requirements here.


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