Covid Vaccine

Over 200K Expired Vaccines In Genesee County
The MDHHS has revealed that Genesee County alone has had close to 260,000 vaccines that have expired due to the extremely short shelf life of the vaccine.
Who knew that vaccine administering could be so wasteful! I remember when vaccines first touched down and you couldn't get one unless you had…
United Airlines Will Require Employees To Be Vaccinated
United Airlines just announced that all of their employees will be required to be vaccinated in order to work for their company.
Now we're treading into some serious territory. When you put people's jobs on the line and you threaten their livelihood by making them take a foreign substance a…
Doctor Warns About Low Vaccination Rate In Flint
Dr. Bobby Mukkamala is known all around Genesee County as the lead Doctor for the area and he's issued a warning about the low vaccination rate in Flint and how that could lead to another covid-19 surge.
Dr. Mukkamala isn't just a regular doctor, he's also the president of the Michigan…
CDC Warns Of Possible Side Effects From Second Vaccine Dose
The Center For Disease Control and Prevention has issued a warning for young teens and adolescents following the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine which has shown in some rare instances to cause inflammation around the heart, myocarditis.
Jeeez, if people didn't have already vaccine hesitancy,…

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