U Of M just announced that they will require their students to revert back to face-covering by August 11 regardless of their current vaccination status.

This is a response to the rapid rise in recent covid-19 numbers and the surge of the new delta variant. And like most things, when the colleges start to develop a trend, everyone else tends to follow. 

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U-M will continue to require face coverings on-campus transit, as well.


Face coverings will not be required outdoors on campus.


Statement from Mark S. Schlissel, M.D., Ph.D. - University of Michigan, President - below:

I will continue to provide COVID-19 updates when needed to help keep everyone informed, address concerns and respond to feedback and questions from our community. You also may read the University Record for the latest stories and the Campus Maize and Blueprint site for updates. Stay safe and be healthy. SourceNBC25.com

Now it's really starting to feel like we're creeping back into another lockdown, and I hope that we don't. If we can get back focused on wearing masks and getting vaccinated we should be able to mitigate the rise in covid cases. With Flint recently being listed as a "Substantial Risk" area for covid-19, we have to really be more proactive on getting more people vaccinated.

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