The Mercury Transit happens today, and it will be the last time that it is visible from North America until 2032.

The Mercury Transit is the process of Mercury making it's orbit around the sun, and passing directly between the earth and the sun. It seems like this would happen a lot considering how close Mercury is to the sun, but the next time we will be able to see it will be more than 30 years away.

The path and timeline are laid out by NASA on the graph below. You can watch a live stream of the Transit of Mercury below.

The skies are not cooperating with us today in Michigan, but if you do find a clear patch of sky, the transit will be visible till about 1pm our time.


I put that in all caps because I really meant it. The last solar eclipse everyone was told repeatedly not to look without special eye protection, but the stories of people being blinded were still there.

You should know that the eclipse glasses are not enough to look directly at the sun. You need a special solar filter that will fit over binoculars or a telescope to look safely.

The good news is that you can watch the NASA live stream below.

There is a time-lapsed video that NASA put together from the last visible transit that happened in 2016 below.

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