After only being open for a few years Wahlburgers in Flint Township is packing up and shipping out from its current spot and is looking for a new place to call home.

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Wahlburgers opened its Flint location back in 2017 and thanks to the current pandemic it looks like they need a new place to call home. Wahlburgers is currently attached to the Genesee Vally Mall and some would argue that's the real reason Wahlburgers is moving. This isn't just a problem with the mall in Flint, but malls everywhere have slowed down to a snail's pace in foot traffic. Not to mention the mall isn't really set up for a drive-thru, which could cripple a business especially during this "pause" with our economy.

But this isn't goodbye forever. Wahlburgers is actively looking for a new location to call home. I've recently seen new construction on Miller Rd next to the new Culvers in Flint. Could this be the new Wahlburger spot? Either way, Wahlburger promises that they will indeed be back once they find a new location.

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