When it comes to dunk perfection, Michigan's own, Jason Richardson is among the tops in the NBA record books.

In the NBA Dunk Contest, the best than anyone can hope for from the judges is a perfect 50.  Earning one perfect score in a lifetime is definitely something to be proud of.

That's why we are so impressed that Saginaw's own Jason Richardson, is one of the few men to have earned multiple perfect 50's.  Tying with names like Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins is pretty impressive.  Check out the list of people with multiple perfect dunks below.

Zach Lavine - 7

Jason Richardson, Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins - 5

Dwight Howard - 4

Vince Carter, Aaron Gordon, Josh Smith, Terrence Stansbury, Spud Webb - 3

Then there are a host of others with either 2 or 1 perfect score.  Check out the full video of all the perfect dunks here, including the lead up and reaction.  If you want to speed through the dunks, check out the shorter version below.

The craziest thing to me, is watching how much the physical ability of these guys has grown.  Every time that it seems like there is no way anyone could do anything better than the last dunk, someone shocks the audience.

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