Michigan and Michigan State kick off their 2015 rivalry game Saturday at 3:30pm, and this year has a different type of hype surrounding the game.

Michigan has historically dominated the match up, but Sparty has owned the last few years of the backyard brawl.

Michigan State came into 2015 knowing that they had a very good team, and they they'd be contending for a Big10 title.  What no one expected was that Michigan would become as good as they have under Jim Harbaugh.

All of this adds up to a great rivalry game between two very good teams.  Not that you needed any more help getting amped up for the game, check out the hype videos below.

The first one from HypeDetroit doesn't show any favoritism, and is short and to the point.

Adam Lang took the same approach putting together his video.

Dan Stephens definitely takes a Sparty lean, as the video focuses on all the hype that Michigan received before the season even started.

Zach Napont took the Michigan lean.

The list wouldn't be complete without the Jim Harbaugh Pure Michigan video.