Fifteen of the best rappers in Flint hit the mic on Dort and Lippincott for the final round of 8-1-Show Live, and battled it out for the top spot.

After two weeks of qualifying, the final 15 spots were set for the 8-1-Show Live finals at MetroPCS. The format was the same, so each of the 15 competitors had 90 seconds to prove why they should advance to the final five. Check out each of the rappers first round performances in the three videos below.

After all 15 rappers had their chance with the mic, the field was narrowed to five. Each of the five competitors would have 60 seconds to prove that they should win the $500 grand prize.

The final five were Vice Carter, Jackman Raps, Cam Howe, Gemini Da OG, and Twenty. Check out the video below and make sure to watch till the end so you can see who was crowned champ.

Congrats to Vice Carter on beating out an extremely talented group of artist from Flint! Vice will be featured on this weekends 8-1-Show, so make sure you check it out.

There's one more thing that everyone should know about this contest that you won't find on any of the videos. The amount of support that each artist gave to other artists in the contest was inspirational. Watching two people root for each other, knowing that only one could win is the most memorable thing for me. If an artist messed up, the other performers there were yelling for him or her to keep going. Encouraging them not to give up.

I'm not trying to make this into some soft, back to school special or anything. I was just personally impressed with how far the hip hop scene in Flint has come. Beefs are great for quick press, but if Flint wants to lift up our hip hop scene for others to notice, it will be artists working together that make it happen.

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