Memphis and BYU squared off in the Miami Bowl yesterday, and ended the double overtime game with one of the biggest brawls that college football has ever seen.

College football is loaded with tradition and rivalries and all those sorts of things, but this game has none of that.

It's Memphis and BYU . . . 2 teams that have probably never played each other (I wasn't even interested enough to look it up).  Playing in the Miami Bowl . . . the what?!  When did that even become a bowl?

There are about a million other reasons that this fight should never have happened, like the fact that BYU is involved.  Instead of going into all that though, you should just watch this crazy cheap shot over and over again.  BYU’s Kai Nacua comes flying in after everything is nearly settled down to prove the point that he is a man . . . a very very dumb man.