President Obama spent a few hours in Flint yesterday, and even drank some Flint water, filtered of course. 

President Obama's whirlwind trip included visits to the Food Bank, and ended with a speech in front of a packed gym at Northwestern.

During the nearly hour long speech, Obama told Flint that he has our back, and is dedicated to Flint becoming a stronger city than ever before.

During a brief coughing fit, which may or may not have been planned, Obama asked for some water.  He drank the water down as a way to reinforce his message to Flint that we should be drinking filtered water instead of bottled water.

I don't know that the President taking a sip will be enough to make people trust anything that comes from their taps . . . filtered or not.

With the short period of time that Obama spent in Flint, I'm almost positive that he didn't do any of the things on our suggested list.