Flint is welcoming President Barack Obama to town this week, and to help him fit in we made a list of the most Flint things POTUS can do during his visit.

It's not every day that the Leader of the Free World comes to town, and we want him to enjoy his time in the 810. We also understand that part of his reason for visiting is to understand what life is like in Vehicle City, which is easier said than done.

You can't understand life in Flint until you've done a bunch of super Flint-y stuff, like, deep Flint stuff, so we put together a list of the Flintiest things we could think of for Barack to try while in town. Maybe he'll actually do one of these activities, but we highly doubt it.

Enjoy your time in Flint, Mr. President!


Editor's Note: We probably should've titled this " The 11 Most Stereotypical or Tacky Flint Things Obama Can Do While in Flint," but, you know, brevity is king.