See that big ball of fire and gas in the picture above?  It let out a burst of energy bigger than anything we've seen in the last five years and it will get to Earth today!

The video show's HD close up's of the solar flare exploding from the surface of the sun and heading toward earth.

So should we be worried?  Depends on if you like using technology.

A storm as powerful as this one hasn’t been seen in more than five years, and the effects of which are predicted to last 24 hours after the storm hits.

It’s possible that the storm will cause interference with satellites in orbit and power grids on Earth, but people in the know don’t seem too worried.

There probably won't be any zombies (probably) but there will be some satellite interruptions and possible power grid outages.

But just to be sure, keep an eye out for zombies.

Giant Solar Flare Recorded March 6th 2012

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