Christie Dawn Harris was arrested after police found drugs and a gun in her car, but it what they found in her private parts that make this story.

After Harris was taken into custody she complained to officers that she needed to go to the bathroom.  They ordered her to change into jail clothing, but she said that it was her time of the month and refused.

Eventually police subjected her to a body cavity search where they noticed a piece of metal and wood sticking out of her vagina.  Yes, out of her vagina.  After the excavation process was complete, police seized a loaded gun in her vagina.  They also pulled several baggies of meth from her butt.

Go back and re-read that paragraph again, just to make sure you soak in all the information.

There are so many things that I want to call this woman, Pillow Pet, Kangaroo, Glove box and many others.  Why in the world would she think that her vagina should ever be used as a handbag?

Needless to say, Harris was arrested on more counts and is probably playing a game of "No Hands Pick Up Stix" with her cell mate right now.

Source: KFOR