It's never good when anyone goes to jail, but we are thankful these people did and left a review.

Sometimes the most important information can be found in the reviews section. What do you do when you're thinking about buying something on the internet? Exactly, you read the reviews to see what other people have said. So when it comes to going to jail, you may want to check out these reviews of some of the jails in the Detroit area.

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After searching around a bit, I was able to find a few gems in the review sections of these jails. I had to do a bit of scrolling as most were complaining that no one ever answers the phone, especially at Wayne County Jail Division 1. In between all of the angry reviews I was able to find these little nuggets of info.

I'm sure that the people that actually wrote these were not happy about being in jail, nor was it a pleasant experience. However, I'm glad they were able to at least have a little fun with it and give others a chuckle through their experiences.

I typically don't leave many reviews for places, but after seeing some of these I feel I need to. I'm not into leaving bad reviews, but funny ones need to be shared with the world. Now I want to find the most oddball place I have been to and give it a long review. I need a hobby and this may just be it.

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