Inmates In Flint Suing Genesee County Over Unsafe Water
Two inmates are suing Genesee County over unsafe water in a local Flint jail. The inmates also claim that prisoners were given bottled water for the first 9 days of the county knowing about the water crisis, but since have been forced to drink the Flint water.
Stripes Are the New Orange
Due to the popularity of the show ‘Orange Is the New Black’, one Michigan jail has decided to ditch the inmates' orange jumpsuits and trade them in for something a little more traditional… black and white striped jumpsuits.
Inmate Fight Ends With A Taser [Video]
I am scared to death to ever step foot inside of a jail cell, and this video reinforces that.
What looks like a group of guys talking and sobering up, turns into an all out brawl with a sprinkle of tasering!

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