Since discovering Karmin a little over a year ago, I will admit that my obsession for Amy might be a little unhealthy.  I know I should just let nature act, and if we are supposed to be together then it will happen.  *Starts waiting for nature*

OK it's been far to long, I'll just post another video of them being awesome and hope I don't come off as creepy.  This time Amy and Nick take on one of our most popular songs, 'Lighters' from Eminem and Royce Da 5'9.

Normally we expect to see them in their home studio, with Nick on the keys and Amy being hot um I mean, talented.  However due to some unexpected neighbor intrusion, we see them in a different setting.

When the video first went up on YouTube, the comments poured in about the different location.  Nick cleared things up, and it's actually kinda funny.

Hey gang! After a failed attempt at recording this in our living room (our neighbors were pounding on the walls due to excessive rapping, no joke) we're back in the studio again! Shout out to Andrew Maltese for recording us at Speakeasy Sound and for accommodating us on such short notice.

If you dig the cover you can download it for free here, or you can just ogle Amy on their website.  I wouldn't do that though . . . it's just creepy, right?