Karmin Versus Busta Rhymes – NightClub 937’s 2 At 10 [Poll]
Karmin fans came thru again with a huge win last night in the Nightclub 93.7 2@10, but will they hold off Busta Rhymes and Chris Brown?
Bussa Bus grabs Breezy after there 'Look At Me Know' song took off, but can this track do the same?
Check out the tracks from Karmin and Busta Rhymes below …
Karmin Versus Consequence – Nightclub 93.7’s 2 At 10 [Poll]
Karmin pulled off a surprising win last night in the Nightclub 93.7 2@10, but can they do it against "The Cons?"
Consequence is definitely no stranger to Flint after playing a show with Asher Roth at the Whiting for Club 93.7.
Will some hometown love be enough for Consequence and Est…
Diggy Versus Karmin – Nightclub 937’s 2 At 10 [Poll]
Diggy took over the championship seat on Nightclub 93.7's 2@10 by ending Yelawolf's impressive run.
Can he hold on to the top spot as long as Yela did?  Not if Karmin has their way.
Check out the new music and decide which should get the crown.
Karmin Music Covers Eminem And Royce Da 5’9 ‘Lighters’ [Video]
Since discovering Karmin a little over a year ago, I will admit that my obsession for Amy might be a little unhealthy.  I know I should just let nature act, and if we are supposed to be together then it will happen.  *Starts waiting for nature*
OK it's been far to long, I'll just post another video o…
Karmin Covers LMFAO – “Party Rock Anthem” [Video]
We have featured Karmin on the site many times, and each time I fall in love with Amy a little more.  This time they take on LMFAO and their huge song, "Party Rock Anthem".  While it is the usual genius that we have come to expect, Amy slips in an original verse to the co…
Super Bass Gets The Karmin Music Treatment [Video]
Karmin has been featured on Club 93.7 many times, and has a habit of making good songs even better.  This time it's Super Bass from Nicki Minaj, but Karmin has some help from Quest Love of The Roots.  On top of making a great song, Amy pretty much solidifies the fact that I love her .…
Lil Wayne 6 Foot 7 Foot Karmin Remix [VIDEO]
Karmin is back with another rap cover, this time it's Lil Wayne "6 Foot 7 Foot" I have no idea how this chick isn't signed to a major label? I almost enjoy her covers more than the original songs! Watch more of Kamrin Covers and the newest one below! Also check out her iT…
Karmin Covers Chris Brown ‘Look at Me Now’ [VIDEO]
You may have never heard of Karmin, I didn't until I found this video of them covering Chris Brown's 'Look at Me Now.' Karmin is a male/female duet comprised of Amy and Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan that performs cover songs trying to keep them simple. In their latest cover song Amy does her best Li…

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