A man has been shot and killed after leaving a Facebook comment.  Here is another sign that the world is coming to an end. 

Edmond James Tyree, 48 years old, was shot and killed in his apartment by Antwon Courtez Martin in July of 2013.  Tyree was killed but his friend who was at his apartment at the time was shot and injured.

Martin's girlfriend, Sharonda Perkins, posted a picture of her in a swimsuit on Facebook and Tyree left the comment, "damm."  Well, Martin felt that Tyree was disrespecting him and decided to pay him a visit.

Tryee's friend, Michael Joe Hale, was wounded in the fatal altercation and was able to identify the shooter Martin via Facebook.  How ironic?  Hale believe there were others with Antwon Martin but unsure how many people exactly were there.

Here is how Hale was able to identify the shooter according to DailyMail. 

When he looked at Tyree’s Facebook page, he noticed that Perkins was one of only a few friends Tyree had on Facebook. When he clicked on Perkins’ profile, he saw pictures of her with Martin and recognized him as the shooter.

Here is a classic case of when keeping it real goes wrong.  Why kill someone in cold blood over a Facebook comment?  The comment wasn't even harsh to even warrant violence.  When you post something online you have to understand people can and sometimes will leave negative comments.  Truly a sad day.

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