40% Of Americans Say They Have No Gay Friends
Do you have any friends or family members that are gay?  If the answer is no, then you are no officially in the minority in America.
According to a CNN poll, 40% of Americans say they have no gay friends or family members, and that number is still shrinking.
Crazy Woman Blasts Gays During City Meeting In Nebraska [Video]
The best part about open forum town hall meetings is that anyone can get up and say what they need to say about the issues.  That's what America is built on, but this can also become the worst part, depending on who's speaking!
Dozens of people testified for or against a proposed ordinance that would…
President Barack Obama Voices Support For Gay Marriage [Video]
President Barack Obama made his stance on gay marriage in America crystal clear during a conversation with Robin Robers yesterday.
He said, "I think gay couples should be allowed to get married."  Simple, straight forward and without question right?  Well, it hasn't a…

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