Groomsman Knocks Over Bridesmaid [Video]
Weddings are probably the best thing man has every created. The union between people who love each (until they hate each other and get a divorce) is a very big and life changing experience and everything pretty much has to be perfect the day of the wedding.
Michigan Wedding Party Goes For A Swim [Video]
A bride, groom and their entire wedding party fell into Gun Lake in Michigan after the dock broke away and sank.
Take note at who the first person out of the water is . . . might not bode well for the marriage.
Brides Are Updating Their Facebook Status Before The Reception
The time between the wedding ceremony and the reception is traditionally time to get pictures, but Facebook conscious brides might be changing the routine.
A new survey shows that 49% of brides admit that they are changing their Facebook relationship status between the ceremony and the reception of t…
President Barack Obama Voices Support For Gay Marriage [Video]
President Barack Obama made his stance on gay marriage in America crystal clear during a conversation with Robin Robers yesterday.
He said, "I think gay couples should be allowed to get married."  Simple, straight forward and without question right?  Well, it hasn't a…

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