School Shooting

Ohio School Shooter ‘TJ Lane’ Charged As A Juvenile
17-year-old TJ Lane has been charged as a juvenile after witnesses say he shot and killed three fellow students and wounded two more at his High School in Ohio.
That does not mean that he will not be charged as an adult later in the trial, but it does rule out one sentence that some people a…
Ohio School Shooting Death Toll Now At Three
The tragedy in Chardon, Ohio is only getting worse as a third fatality was announced Tuesday morning.
Demetrius Hewlin died from wounds he suffered during Mondays shooting according to CNN.
Chardon School Shooting Leaves Two Dead, Three Injured
T.J. Lane opened fire on his classmates during a breakfast period on Tuesday February 27th, leaving two students dead and three others injured.
T.J. may have left clues to the upcoming tragedy on his Facebook page, and the FBI think he may have been the victim of bullying.
See what he said on his page…